10 things to do in April for your wellbeing


From an outdoor adventure to the art of visible mending, and a podcast that’ll get you thinking, try something new with our enriching suggestions


Are You Really OK?: Understanding Britain’s Mental Health Emergency by Stacey Dooley
In this much-anticipated book, broadcaster Stacey Dooley speaks to medical experts, counsellors, campaigners, health practitioners, and those who live with conditions themselves, about mental health in the UK. (BBC Books, £16.99)

Act of kindness

Support those in energy poverty
Energy poverty is a growing problem, but charities like Action for Warm Homes work tirelessly to be there for those in need. There are many different ways you can support their work, including donations, fundraising, and taking part in challenges. Help where you can, you may never know the difference it makes. (Find out more by visiting nea.org.uk)

Lend us your ears

‘Exactly. With Florence Given’
She’s an artist, influencer, and author, and in this podcast Florence Given is diving deep into five topics: sex, social media, feminism, relationships, and body image. Join Florence and guests as they explore every angle, with plenty of laughs along the way. (Available on all podcasting platforms)

Out and about

All around the world, geocaches are hidden in precise locations. These boxes could contain anything from trinkets to logbooks, and items for trading. Your job is to go on an adventure and find these boxes. Great fun for all the family, why not get outside and head to geocache locations near you? (Visit to geocaching.com to find out more)


Sandra Apperloo
If you have an appreciation for the art of pottery, Sandra Apperloo’s Instagram account is where you need to be. An artist based in the Netherlands, Sandra’s work is colourful, quirky, and cute, and her unique creations are bound to bring joy to your social media feeds. (Follow @thepotteryparade)

Tech Tip-Offs

The digital equivalent of leaving a Post-it note on the fridge door, the NoteIt app allows you to write or draw a message that shows up on your friend or loved one’s phone homescreen. Get creative, and make someone’s day with this quirky app. (Available for IOS, head to the App Store for more.)

Lesson learned

Visible mending
Many of us are thinking about the way we consume clothes, and learning how to repair snags and tears is an easy way to make sure that you’re wearing items for longer. Visible mending , which includes patching and simple embroidery, is a way of repairing your clothes that adds to their charm, and the results can be beautiful. (Visit visiblemending.com to learn more)

Get going

The 12,3,30 challenge
The 12, 3, 30 challenge is raging in popularity, and for good reason. For those who are looking to boost their fitness at the gym, while keeping it low-impact, this simple routine could be the answer. The challenge is simple: on the treadmill, set your incline to 12, speed to three MPH (or 4.8 KPH), and walk for 30 minutes. Enjoy a podcast or your favourite show while you strut.

Square eyes

The Green Planet
Have you ever stopped to truly appreciate the power of plants? Join Sir David Attenborough as he dives into a world where a single life can last a thousand years, and discover the dramatic, beautiful story of the plants we share this planet with. (Available on BBC iPlayer)

Treat yourself

Mood Drops, JOGB Living
Available in three different blends, ‘uplifting’, ‘relaxing’, and ‘sensual’, the Moods Drops from JOGB Living are designed to boost your mood with the power of aromatherapy. Add a couple of drops in strategic spots around your home, in a diffuser, or on your palms to reap the rewards of the unique ability of scents. (£23.50, visit jogbliving.com)

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